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Bahamut Metalia : Amnesiac Sentient Tank

A sentient land battleship. Woke up under a mountain with no memory, with exception of its designation: Bolo Mark XVII.

When it was first awakened it's pretty much barely functional. Professor Matsuyama fixed it, added a lot of new equipments, and gave it new code name: Bahamut Metalia.

Its cool, logical, and militarily precise. It finds its new designation silly, its human friends illogical and emotional, but it care about them very much. It's neither cold nor cruel, in fact, it's very benevolent and want to try to protect as many people as possible. Is it its original personality, or something it learned from Hikari? It's not sure itself. 

Basically have no fear except for one: young people's drama. Drama's scary, yo!

Katsuhiko Ishida: Hotblooded Childhood Friend

Hikari's childhood friend, they've basically known each others since baby. Even more hotblooded than Hikari. A soccer club ace. Impatient, brash, hate injustice. Care about Hikari very much but too embarassed to show it. Love super sentai and magical girl shows. A surprisingly competent investigator, might be because he want to follow his father's footstep as a policeman. His family has been living in the area for generations, and have this legend of metallic dragon passed within them.  In the same class with Hikari.

Shoji Matsuyama: Charming Genius Youth

Professor Daisetsu Matsuyama's grandson, and seems to inherit his genius. Has actually already scouted by almost all major universities and research companies in the world, but prefers to stay in school. After his grandfather's passing, he takes the responsibility of maintaining Bahamut Metalia.  A cool and womanizing youth, and also a total nerd. In the same class with Hikari.

Kagami Tachibana: Complicated Friendly Rival

A rich girl whose father owns most land around town. A competitive person who considers Hikari her rival in many things, and Hikari reluctantly agree. But they're not antagonistic to each others, they consider each others worthy of their attention. Feeling a bit bitter that Hikari can pilot Bahamut Metalia but she can't. Her father provides her with the best mecha money can buy, and a whole team of mercenary bodyguards, so she can join the fight. They're not as strong as Bahamut Metalia, but used to and tailored to fight with the Beast of Starminds.  They're well aquintained with the beasts' tactics and capabilities, so are very useful as support for Bahamut Metalia. In the same class with Hikari.

Daisetsu Matsuyama: Eccentric Dead Mentor.

A retired scientist. Very old, very eccentric, very brilliant. Rebuilt Bahamut Metalia and added a lot of new equipments to it. Has been dead for a while at the start of the Canon.

Beast of the Starmind: Mysterious Hostile Invader

Mysterious creatures that appear out of rifts that opens in the air. Consist of many sizes and shapes. The smaller ones are mostly mindless soldiers, but the bigger ones are sentient, eloquent, and clearly hostile.

They have various shapes, a lot of them vaguely reminiscent of mythological monsters like harpies or minotaurs. Speak in long and complex sentences, with archaic and difficult words. Seemingly singleminded on destroying their target.

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Player name: Fri
AIM contact: frifreeman
Alternate contacts: frifreeman2
Character name: Hikari Shimamura
Source canon: Bolo Chronicles: Neon Genesis Tankgelion
Community tag: hikari shimamura
Do I want a HMD: yes

Based on this. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4621196/1/Neon-Genesis-Tankgelion


(some part are separated into a spoilered post, but it's not a secret, feel free to read it if you want... and want to be less excited about the canon!)

Hikari Shimamura is a normal midle school girl living in a small town in Japan. Has a happy family, with a loving mother that works in a local tv station and a cool businessman father. Not much background yet, because well, she's young and has just started her story!

Original canon background:

Beast of the Starmind! What are they? Well, monsters that appear from another dimension. They're dime in a dozen lately on earth. And one more variant appears around a town in Japan for some reason. These dimensional beasts appear from a rift in the air, seemingly eloquent and intelligent, and want to destroy earth.

There are many variants. The smaller ones are seemingly no more than mindless soldiers, but the large ones, huge, mountain-sized, are intelligent. And want nothing more than relentlessly attacking this one town for some reason.

At their first attack, the army tries to defend the town, but they're easily overwhelmed, beacuse the enemies are many, and the main beast is really bighuge and super powerful. As she tries to escape the destruction, Hikari falls down to a cave on the mountain. There she finds something big. A machine.

Hikari begs for the machine to wake up... to protect the city... and it awakes.

Apparently it was a sentient fighting machine, buried under the mountain for some reason. It was broken, but managed to fight the beasts off.

It was then repaired by Professor Matsuyama, an eccentric genius that retires nearby. Helped by her friends, Hikari had a lot of adventures, protecting the region and investigating the Starbeast who for some reason only focus their attacks on the region.


Hikari is a cheerful and spirited middle school girl. She's pretty good at sport, and a bit boyish. She's friendly, and have good moral and sense of justice. But she's just a normal middle school girl otherwise. She doesn't have much experience fighting monsters or facing horror of war or anything. Difficult choices might confuse her,

She's not the smartest or the toughest, but one thing she has is stubborness. Willpower is her best trait. She can easily focus on doing something that interest her, ignoring most distraction.

Also, she's a huge nerd with active imagination. She read manga, watch anime, play video games, and read novels voraciously, and always imagines various exciting plots and stories happening to people around her and herself.

Capabilities and Resources:

She's a somewhat athletic middle school girl, but nothing special.

Position in Unity Group: Tagalong kid.

Type: Combatant.

Unit Name: Mark XVII Bolo "Bahamut Metalia"

Unit Description:

To put in summary: Bahamut Metalia is a superheavy autonomous giant tank. It's as big as Grungust, but much heavier. It's basically a land battleship. It's slow, but tougher than mountains and pack as much firepower as a typical airship many more its size.

Its main weapons are two 600mm Hellbore Cannon, massive plasma guns mounted at two independently revolving turrets on top of it. It's slow charging and slow reloading, but pack massive punch. And the turrets can actually also be used for melee fighting. Basically swinging the two giant turrets like massive clubs.

Attached at intervals around the massive fuselage are 15 infinite repeater. Basically they're small turrets that fire weak rapid fire ion bolts. It's mainly used as defensive weapons, to defend itself against incoming missiles or closing smaller enemies.

It's also equipped with two 250mm howitzer, and one hundred micromissile launchers, to be used as non-line-of-sight weapons/bombardment, but they have very limited ammunitions.

The hull is made from durachrome, a mysterious, ultra-tough metal alloy. Very heavy, very durable.

It also has energy shield for extra protection. Standard shield, useful against beam attacks, can be spread or focused at one side. The energy from the shield can also be released for a jump, or, turned into wings of light for flight. But the flight is slow and pretty much non maneuverable and it lost the protection of its shield when it flies. But it can fly if needed.

But the most important thing.

Bahamut Metalia is sentient.

It doesn't remember where it came from or what's its original purpose. But it knows one thing now. It will protect humanity.

It has neural link with Hikari. It can move and act independently, but much more effective with Hikari piloting it. And for some reason, only Hikari can pilot it.

Size: S
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Maybe?
Ground: Yes
Water:...Ha ha, no
Space: Somewhat
Favored terrain: Ground



Mission requirement: Yes

Suggested Event List:

1.Bahamut Metalia! Roar!

A town is attacked by some mysterious monsters that appears out of a rift on the air. The local military is overwhelmed by the attack, and Unity Group must help. And as everyone fight, Bahamut Metalia appears.

It turned out that the monsters are called Beast of the Starmind, and they usually only attack one specific region of Japan. Bahamut Metalia usually protect that part of Japan. But for some reason, the Beasts start to attack other places.

Bahamut Metalia is well equipped to fight them, and seems to have strange connection with them, but it has limited mobility, so it asks to join Unity Group for better logistic and transportation.

2.Blefuscian Hitcher

The latest Beast is the smallest, yet might be the most dangerous. A sentient virus tries to take control of Bahamut Metalia. Only its mental link with Hikari and the power of friendship gives it a fighting chance.

3.The Metallic Dragon

(Not a mission or event, just plot point)
Meanwhile, the team continues to investigate about the Beast of the Starmind, and what is Bahamut Metalia's connection with them. Does it have anything to do with the legend of the metallic dragon that's passed within Katsuhiko's family? And... do we really want for Bahamut Metalia to regain its memories?

4. The Day Earth Stood Still

The Beast of the Starmind finally do their invasion in their earnest. As thousands of giant beasts pour toward earth non stop, seemingly unstoppable, the battle for the fate of earth begins.

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